Production Services

We can help you with all of your audio, visual and lighting needs. Imagine being able to work with just a single company that understands what you’re trying to accomplish! We start by gaining a full understanding of the vision you have for your event and then working closely with you to ensure its success.  Union Pacific Press ConfrenceOur Project Managers are well versed in all aspects of live production. They can answer your questions and suggest technologies that you may not even know about and don’t have the time to research on your own. We approach every event as a team focused on helping you achieve your desired goals. You’ll not only have the support of your own project manager, you’ll have the backup of our entire staff.

man at podiumNo two events are alike and will never be approached as such. That’s because no two venues are exactly the same. Each one has its own level of logistical and acoustical challenges. Even outdoor venues have distinctive variables.  The same can be said about lighting, where we consider the position of the sun and a host of other considerations that you might overlook.

Our job is to not overlook even the smallest detail! We’ll work with you to make your event a big success.

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